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See the Restaurant On Mars Studios website for links to my complete, published games.

The games below are works-in-progress, mostly made at hackathons (within 12-24 hours), at various points throughout my video game development education.

Spring 2018 Game Jam
Inspired by Pokemon, I developed this game prototype during my Unity workshop at the Game Dev Club Game Jam at UA

CrimsonHacks 2018 Project
Inspired by League of Legends, I started developing this game during my Unity workshop at CrimsonHacks.

This was made within 24 hours for the 2018 CrimsonHacks Hackathon at UA

Brain-Computer-Interfaces Final
Initially designed for use with the OpenBCI Ganglion EEG devices, this game is playable without EEG as well. Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your spaceship, and the spacebar to shoot your laser weapon. The curves controlling the enemies in this game are using a custom Bezier curve script that I programmed as an exercise in animation algorithms.

Made for the Brain Computer Interfaces class at UA

CAPS Driver Training Game
Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your car, and the spacebar to break in this driving simulator. Try to obey traffic rules and pass through all the rings as you complete the track!

This game was designed to be downloaded and run in VR on the Oculus Rift, but then adapted to run in an internet browser.

Made for The Center For Advanced Public Safety (CAPS)

The Best Puzzle Game Ever
Hold your mouse down while dragging it over the tiles. Try and destroy the blocks before they hit the top or its game over!

Made as a 4-hour demo for The Video Game Development Club in Spring 2018

Super Chip Jr.
Navigate Chip Jr. through a 2D map to get to the goal while avoiding the red, cave-monsters that try to stop it. This game is programmed in Javascript using ThreeJS, a Javascript library built on top of WebGL.

Made for the Computer Graphics class at UA

Space Explorer 2000
A space-themed, minesweeper-type game where the player navigates a grid of hexagons to explore the map.

Made within 20 hours for the 2017 CrimsonHacks Hackathon at UA

A color theory and art history education tool

Made within 24 hours for the 2016 MIT Arts Hackathon

The Legend of Danmare!
(Development version)
I made this as a learning exercise for understanding 3D characters and dialogue scripting. The 3D models and animations used here are from Mixamo and the Unity Asset Store.

The Knight of Nanomeare!
(Development version)
Made as a learning exercise for understanding 2D character controllers.

Space Blocks!
Made in a few hours with JS Canvas

Super Snow Fighter!
Made in a few hours with JS Canvas

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